To begin your photo restoration, it is important that you email your photographic scan to receive a quote. £20 is charged for basic damage and basic image enhancing. The price of the restoration is based on the complexity of the damage that needs to be corrected on the photo, and it is also dependant on the service you would like to receive i.e adding colour. The maximum quotation will be £40 and that includes colourisation, damage and photo enhancing and retouching. 

I will advise on what service you would like and if it is possible on the selected photograph, and I will answer any queries that you may have about the service. It would be highly beneficial to add the changes that you would like, such as adding colour, general repair, clothing or hair colour details in your email. I will be able to work faster if you provide as much information as you can (even if it is a very long email!) and it allows you to receive a correct near-replica of your original photo. I will always respond within one working day, and if I am unable to restore your photograph I will be completely honest with my reason for decline. If there are many major corrections, I will adjust the price accordingly and reasonably. Photo restoration is my passion, and I want all my customers to be satisfied and happy with their results. Each photo restoration will be ready in a maximum of 3 working days when I have a high volume of work. 

If you choose not to go ahead with the photo restoration, you will be refunded the entire cost of the purchase transaction. Upon sending the approved/final restored photograph, refunds are not acceptable unless it is under exceptional circumstances. I am not responsible for the quality of the restored outcome if I am not provided with a high quality scan. I can only correct what is provided! I will email a sample of your restoration for a chance to make any minor adjustments before the restoration is finished. The preview you will receive will be a low-medium/screenshot quality copy with an embedded watermark. All transactions will be through paypal, but you can also purchase the service through my dedicated Etsy Store. 

Legal: Restoration by Catherine will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement. By purchasing the photo restoration service, you fully agree and are completely aware that you own the entire copyright for your photographic scan(s)/photographs and that it is for personal use only. It may not be used for sales or commercial use and I will decline suspected scans if I do not believe you own the copyright.